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Application of S7-400H in Siemens redundant oil drilling rig
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Siemens S7-400H hot redundant PLC in application characteristics of transmission system of oil drilling rig conversion, gives one of the typical application configuration, and should be the actual doing the analysis evaluation.

One, the performance characteristics of S7-400H series

S7-400H series PLC is the latest generation of Siemens high-end products, is the controller can realize hardware hot redundancy. S7-400H generally consists of two groups of S7-400 through the optical fiber communication exchange data to hardware hot redundant functions.

The main performance of S7-400PLC:

And a full range of CPU treatment increased 3 to 70 times the speed of the whole

And working memory doubled, up to 20MB

And the number of timer, counter is increased by 8 times

And the communication performance improve 1 times

- parts and programming tools to maintain compatibility

And fully support PROFIBUS isochronous mode

Support non-stop modify distributed hardware configuration

The main characteristic of S7-400: communication performance in processing speed, high robust and CPU resources Yu outstanding amount. Particularly suitable for high performance in large scale system.

The application needs the fault-tolerant capability will choose S7-400H PLC. Standard S7-400 template based S7-400H is a redundant PLC, can significantly reduce the fault of the production process downtime, suitable for those who need as much as possible to reduce or avoid the application downtime. Such as power generation or transmission and distribution, chemical industry, mining, transportation etc..

Fault tolerance is achieved by two parallel central controller. Their CPU through the cable connection and control of redundant I/O through the PROFIBUS DP line redundancy. In addition to the fault CPU and PROFIBUS, I/O can itself be redundancy. Switching without disturbance occurs when the error or fault, which is not affected by the hot standby controller will be at the point of interruption to continue to implement the control without losing any information.

The standard S7-400 S7-400H system programming and non redundant the same, use the STEP-7 language. All special function can be fault tolerant configuration through the easy to use STEP 7 software package. As the procedures for the preparation of the standard non fault tolerant system can be easily transplanted to fault tolerant system (and vice versa). STEP 7 V5.3 has integrated redundancy options package, no need to buy separate.

In the field of PLC products, SIMATIC S7-400 solution meets the production process automation and system requirements.

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